30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas

Is your Facebook strategy working for you or against you? Using Facebook for business is essential to a direct sellers success; however, many people are pushing potential customers away rather than pulling them in! These FREE tips give you 30 great ideas for what to post on your business page to create interest and inspire action.

In the course, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST | what every direct seller needs to know, we explore how to use Facebook and Pinterest in your business. One of the questions we get the most is, “what should I post on Facebook?” To help you plan what to post on your business Facebook page, we’ve created some great tools for you to use. Pin them, print them … share this post with your colleagues and team members.

30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas

We took the list of everything you could do and broke it down into 3 separate categories:

  • 11 Facebook Post Ideas to CREATE INTEREST
  • 9 Simple Facebook Post Ideas to ENGAGE and INTERACT
  • 10 Smart Ideas to ADD VALUE and INSPIRE ACTION

And then, because we know you might want to print it all in a handy guide, we bundled these ideas into one printable pdf, 30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas we’ll send you via email. 

Get the 30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas Now!

Go ahead! Pin these Facebook Business Page Post Ideas!

Do you spend a lot of time on Pinterest? If you do, one great way to keep focused on business when you are browsing is to create boards directly related to certain business activities.  Feel free to pin these Infographics to your Pinterest boards so you know where to find them any time.


Looking for ideas for team training?

Another way to use these Infographics is to help you plan social media training for your next team meeting. We recommend teaching these concepts in segments — just the way they are separated in the Infographics. To save yourself on printing costs, send your team the link to this post and ask them to request and print the entire 30 Ideas pdf.  At your meeting, you could have them work in groups to develop a series of posts they could schedule over the course of the next month.


Create a Quarterly Posting Schedule.

One of the key “take-aways” from our FACEBOOK and PINTEREST course is to plan what you post and keep the 80/20 rule in mind. Eighty percent of everything you post on your business Facebook page should be about things that interest your fans, and only twenty percent should be overt promotions, pitches or calls to action.

With these 30 Ideas, you can plan out your entire quarter – scheduling the days you want to remind your clients about the monthly specials and incentives and where you want to entertain or inspire.

Get the 30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas Now!

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