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Messenger Bots: The Basics for Direct Sellers

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Post Your Way to Success

Get 30 short training videos delivered to your inbox, one each day! (Or, choose to simply access them all right in your course page.) I'm walking you through the EXACT posts you need to find or create to drastically increase your business results in FACEBOOK! You'll finally feel in control over your Facebook presence, and you can be sure you're posting things that will grab people's attention in smart, savvy ways.

Marketing ME! Personal branding and marketing for direct sellers

Super huge, ridiculous success in direct selling (network marketing, social selling, etc.) requires something different today. It requires YOU to have your own BRAND CALLED ME. Your own identity. Your own point of view. Your own unique value proposition. In this course we explore what you need to know and do to develop your own personal brand, one that sticks in the minds of your customers and prospects so they are driven to do business with you time and time again. Then, we uncover the essential things you need to know and do to effectively market yourself and your business - using the hottest high tech tools as well as timeless offline techniques.