This is the personal branding and marketing course EVERY direct seller needs to take!

Our world has gone high-tech, yet our industry thrives on the "high-touch" relationship-based approach. Gone are the days were a direct seller can simply copy what his or her leader has done and expect to get the exact same results. When we copy words, ideas and style in a live, party-plan or group selling environment, no one really knows. BUT, when we copy these same things in social media or online marketing, the world feels like they're being spammed by an entire industry!

Do you want to stand out?     Be heard?     Be FOUND FAST?

Super huge, ridiculous success in direct selling (network marketing, social selling, etc.) requires something different today. It requires YOU to have your own BRAND CALLED ME. Your own identity. Your own point of view. Your own unique value proposition.

What is YOUR Brand ME?

Do you know how to MARKET  yourself in today's world?

laurie-girardi   Join direct selling and social media expert, Laurie Girardi, for this 8 VIDEO eCourse  packed full of strategies, tips and action steps you can take immediately. Laurie walks you through everything you need to know as a direct seller to make sure you're doing what it takes to market yourself in our high-tech world.

This course is organized into TWO PARTS.


  Section1-Title The first half of the course is called YOUR BRAND ME! In this part of the course, we explore what you need to know and do to develop your own personal brand, one that sticks in the minds of your customers and prospects so they are driven to do business with you time and time again. In this first half, you'll ...
  • determine what's most important to you.  What do you stand for? What do you value? What makes YOU uniquely YOU?
  • find the answer to the question, "What's my BRAND ME?"
  • learn how to turn what you sell and the business opportunity you have to offer into a powerful extension of your BRAND ME.
  • establish your Unique Value Proposition and Brand Promise. What sets you apart from the crowd? Why should customers and prospects choose YOU?
  • craft your personal brand story.

Section2-Title The second half of the course is called MARKETING ME! In the second half of the course, we put what you learned in the first half into action as we uncover the essential things you need to know and do to effectively market yourself and your business online AND offline. You'll learn ...
  • how to make sure YOU ARE FOUND FAST online.
  • the key elements of the Success Cycle, a unique look at how selling and marketing intertwine in direct selling.
  • how to Get Attention and Keep Attention online and offline! Attention is the key to marketing success!
  • where SELLING fits into a smart marketing strategy and plan.
  • what it takes to nurture customers, cultivate loyalty and gain fierce advocates.
  • where to find great images, how to create professional graphics and the ins and outs of the technology available to market and share your business online.
Take the course at any time using our system that’s available when learning is  convenient for you! Don’t worry about missing a live webinar – your course is recorded and ready online whenever you are!

Marketing ME! Your Roadmap for Personal Branding and Marketing

what every direct seller needs to know

    • 8 VIDEO (6+ hours of training) eCourse with comprehensive workbook
  • Printable   workbook  section for each of the 8 Modules
  • VIDEOS  to teach you everything you need to know
  • Special  articles  highlight key tools, technology or techniques
  • Course access for one year

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