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Sue Rusch

Certified Speaking Professional

Sue Rusch is a results-minded business professional with a proven commitment to excellence. After starting a direct sales career as an independent sales consultant, she went on to build a team of 1,500, generating $19 million in annual sales. Sue earned numerous field awards of distinction that recognized excellence in recruiting and leadership.

Sue is the author of Selling it Softly, an award-winning book which has sold over 10,000 copies. Sue’s book offers a fresh approach to selling, while including heartwarming stories from her direct selling career and life’s journey.

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Sue Rusch has partnered with eSuite creator, Laurie Girardi to bring you her highly sought after leadership training. Leaders across the world have asked for Sue to share her depth of experience and her keen insights into what it takes to build a multi-million dollar direct selling organization.  We're excited to bring you this training in 2016! Join the wait list above.