5 Videos Every Direct Seller Needs to Make to Generate More Leads …

We’re living in a high-tech world, working in a high-touch industry. It’s all about building real, true relationships. And, we want to use technology to do it faster, smarter and more efficiently. How is that possible? VIDEO.

There are 5 videos every direct seller needs to make. Right now. Embrace the technology and use it to deepen connections with prospects, customers and team members!

Once you start using video – in communicating, marketing, selling, nurturing and leading – you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to navigate. The technology becomes second hand AND you forgive yourself for your inherent flaws because you’ll realize no one looks perfect on video. (I do this thing with my eyes to make a point, and when that is the screen that becomes the thumbnail, I just about die. But, I’ve learned to get over it.)

TITLE-5 Videos Every Direct Seller

Getting started with video if you’re not comfortable with it is the biggest challenge. Just start. I’ve identified 5 areas of business where it’s smart to use video, and the 5 videos (or uses of video) I think every direct seller needs to make.


The more you use video, the more you’ll enjoy using video. There are 3 platforms I’d add to your tools for communicating with your friends & family, clients & customers, hosts, prospects, recruits and upline.


messenger iconThe first is FACEBOOK MESSENGER. If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is really trying to rule the world of communication, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it! Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone mobile app that integrates with the desktop version of Facebook, too. It’s a tool the works across devices for seamless continuity of conversations. Each of these three tools I recommend for communicating are that way. It’s just smart to use tools that are accessible to all of your clients. And, Facebook is the best, first choice in my opinion.



The second is SKYPE. In my work, I use Skype every day for its chat function. It’s super simple to hop on a call or video call with one person or a group. And, you can easily screen share to illustrate a point or problem solve!


zoom iconThe third is ZOOM. Zoom is a meeting platform. Their free version allows you to video call or audio call with up to 50 participants for 40 minutes. (Paid versions allow for longer times and more participants.) With ZOOM it is easy to present your screen or slides OR simply have a video conversation!

My suggestion is to start using one (or all) of these tools in your communication so you become comfortable hopping onto a video call with anyone with whom you do business.


Your story is powerful. People do business with YOU! It’s important for you to share your story and tell the world why you do what you do. Can you do it in 2 minutes or less? Try! The more effectively you can communicate the passion you have for specific topics and how that relates to your reason for having a business, the better. People like to learn about us when we’re not with them. Give them something to watch that grabs their interest and keeps their attention.

When you make your video, post it in social media using the hashtag: #iamdirectselling. Let’s see how many videos we can get out there in the world to show everyone what a remarkable industry we’re a part of and the impact it’s having in real people’s lives.

  1. What was your life like before starting your business/learning about your company?
  2. What piqued your curiosity in the very beginning? What made you choose your products or business opportunity?
  3. What are you most passionate about when it comes to your products/business?
  4. Tell a little about your journey from the beginning of your business to now.
  5. What are you most excited about as you look to the future?
  • 2 minutes or less (1 minute for Instagram)
  • Be Creative. Be YOU!
  • Just use your phone – not fancy equipment required!
  • Save it to Dropbox or One-Drive or iCloud so you have copy of the original.
  • Post on social media with the hashtag #iamdirectselling


Pique people’s curiosity about what you have to offer them this season with a short product-focused video. Aim to INSPIRE, INSTRUCT and/or INFORM!

The more you create “timely” videos, the more inspired YOU’LL be to create even more. Having what we call “evergreen” content is great — that’s content that never goes out of style. But, creating new, fresh content gets people’s attention. (If you’re super savvy, you’ll create how-tos, tips, demos, walkthroughs, tutorials and so forth that are “evergreen” so you always have resources to which you send your clients, AND you’ll put together short seasonal ones to get NEW interest or REPEAT business.

Looking for inspiration? Ask yourself: Is there a “must-have” product this season? Or a new product launch coming? Or a tip that goes with one of your “go-to” products for gift-giving? Let your people know with a short video to get their attention.


This is a close cousin of the “my why” or “my story” video, but the goal is to connect with the person watching so they put themselves in YOUR shoes and want to learn more.

If you could put into a short video why you think everyone everywhere should stop what they’re doing right now and start a business with you … what would you say? Can you say it in 3 minutes or less? Very often we take WAY TOO LONG to get to our point. (Trust me, I created an 18 minute marketing video that got ZERO signups and a 15 second one that got many!) When you learn to connect with people’s emotions in the first few seconds, you’ll get more people to stay and watch what you have to say. It’s something we all need to work on, and you an get ahead of the curve by taking time to figure out what will engage people enough to get them to listen or reach out to you.

Need a little help with where to start? See if you can answer these questions and then turn it into a short 3-Minute Opportunity Meeting.

  1. What first drew you in to your company?
  2. How did you feel when you were just getting started?
  3. How has your business impacted you, your life or your family?
  4. What’s your vision for your future because of your business?
  5. Answer 2-3 of the questions most people wonder about …

Go ahead and use the hashtag #iamdirectselling when you post it!


So you’ve started using video calls to communicate. And you’ve thought about your “why” or your “story”. Then you’ve started thinking about your products and what you can create to demonstrate them or bring them to life in video. You’ve got a good 3-MINUTE OPPORTUNITY MEETING, too. Whew! That’s a great start!

Next, try using video to solidify the beginning of each new recruit’s journey. Think of it as an “on-boarding” process. You chat with them. You video call with them. And, what if you created a short video to inspire them to take action right away. You could automate the delivery of this video to all new recruits. Get technology working FOR YOU!

I’d suggest including the following:

  1. Welcome and introduce yourself.
  2. Inspire immediate action by focusing their attention on what really matters right at the beginning.
  3. Give them 3 concrete tips for what to do RIGHT NOW.
  4. End with enthusiasm and encouragement.

It’s my humble opinion that you can be an EPIC RECRUITER and have no idea how to train, coach or lead yet. So don’t worry about this having to be perfect. We all start somewhere. By creating this short welcome video (even if you don’t have your first recruit), you’re saying “I am going to recruit soon!” And, if you’re a seasoned recruiter or leader, think about having a whole series of videos trickled out weekly to your team. Use what you know and feel to inspire action in others. If you have no idea what to include, ask your upline or leave me a comment below!

Share your videos with me! I’d love to see them! Post them on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/girardigroup or share a link to a Pinterest board or Youtube video with them. Where ever you put them, if you share them with me, we’ll cross post them!

Need a printable to help you with this? Download a pdf here. Want ongoing help, support, tools, resources and training? (And access to a new marketing platform?) go to www.directselling.me and join us!

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