Affiliate Program

The direct selling industry is all about relationships and referrals, and we want to encourage you to tell others about us! If you are a direct seller, we want you to authentically tell your friends, team members and others about your learning experiences and our expertise. However, in principle, we do not want you to feel like you are selling our services to your downline or contacts. We want you to focus on building your business as big as you can imagine and refer us on the merit of our value to you.*

If you are an industry expert, blogger or other type of business who would like to become a referral partner with us to help optimize the success of direct sellers across the globe, please contact us. We have a healthy referral commission program that rewards our partners across our entire family of sites.

*As we unveil our new personal marketing platform in 2017, we are looking to partner with a select few top-level leaders from each direct selling company in a very special affiliate relationship. If you’re already an Early Adopter and have a large team/organization, reach out to us to set up a time to chat.