Let’s get YOUR business and online presence ready for a HOT year!

You’ve taken the webinars, you’ve joined the National Direct Selling Registry™ (or maybe you have not) and you’re still wondering what YOU can do to make sure that you’re creating business for yourself online AND capturing those leads you work so hard to create! Let LAURIE help YOU stand out and be found fast online!

Do you want to stand out?     Be heard?     Be FOUND FAST?

In this focused personal training & coaching 3-call program, Laurie will work with you to make sure YOUR online profiles tell the story you want people to hear!

What’s YOUR Story?

Are people able to connect with YOU quickly and easily online?



Laurie’s focus for the past four years has be to figure out (crack the code) to how the SMARTEST marketers are leveraging social media and marketing to get more business than ever before.

She “gets” direct selling and values true personal human interaction, so she’s not going to ever suggest you focus your business solely online. But, she will make sure that you’re doing some of the SMARTEST things to make sure that any time you spend online is worth it for YOU and your business!

Work directly with LAURIE GIRARDI!

You’ll spend over 3 hours with LAURIE GIRARDI personally as she helps you evaluate your online presence and helps you determine exactly what you need to do to harness the power of social media and an online presence.

For your investment in yourself, you’ll get:

  • personal 1:1 coaching and training
  • step-by-step help to maximize your results online
  • a mentor who knows what it takes to market your “brand me”


getting YOUR online presence ready for a HOT winter selling season!

  • 3 Personal Coaching Calls with  LAURIE GIRARDI
  • Bonus 30 minute “pre-first call” strategy session for new clients so we can jump right in on our first call!
  • The ability to ask Laurie questions and share your successes through each week.
  • Want to meet via video? You choose phone or video call, whatever makes you happiest!
  • Personalized coaching/training to move your business ahead quickly.
  • A mentor who is invested in your success!

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