Let’s get YOUR business growing fast this year!

Every top leader has had the benefit of a key mentor or advisor along the way. You deserve one who is working to help YOU build your business as successful and solid as you can possibly imagine!

Do you want to build your business big?     Soar in sales?     Become a recruiting rockstar?

In this focused personal training & coaching 3-call program, Laurie will work with you to make sure YOU have the skills, knowledge and courage to hit your biggest goals!

Where do you get stuck?

With 1:1 coaching, it’s all about what you need right now to move your business ahead quickly.



Laurie’s been recognized as a top seller, recruiter and team builder in the field. She built a team of over 500 individuals and earned her first $10,000 check after just a little over a year in leadership. Laurie was the top-ranked and earning leader in her company for each of the years she was in the field. What that means for you is that she knows how to build big & fast herself AND has taught countless others how to do the same!

She knows what it takes to build a thriving business in TODAY’s marketplace. She’s a party plan expert, and she knows exactly how to leverage digital marketing, tools and tips to catapult your offline success into a truly remarkable business. She can teach you what you need to get more results out of every conversation you have, every party you book, and every new recruit you enroll. She’s got her own take on the basics of the business that give you the words, skills and courage to make the most out of every minute you have to spend on your business.

If you want this year to be the beginning of something HUGE for you, partner with Laurie today. When you choose to start with this simple 3-call series, you’re locked into Laurie’s special winter ’18 coaching pricing for as long as you want her personalized help.

Work directly with LAURIE GIRARDI!

You’ll spend over 3 hours with LAURIE GIRARDI personally as she helps you evaluate what you’re doing that’s working, where you’re falling short of your goals and what you can do immediately to achieve greater success.

For your investment in yourself, you’ll get:

  • Three 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • a breadth of expertise to help you sell more, recruit more, train and motivate your team to grow faster and more sustainably
  • a mentor who knows what it takes to build and scale a business quickly!


Create the business success you want this season!

  • 3 Personal Coaching Calls with  LAURIE GIRARDI
  • Bonus 30 minute “pre-first call” strategy session for new clients so we can jump right in on our first call!
  • The ability to ask Laurie questions and share your successes through each week.
  • Want to meet via video? You choose phone or video call, whatever makes you happiest!
  • Personalized coaching/training to move your business ahead quickly.
  • A mentor who is invested in your success!

Enroll Now $599

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