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Stand out. Get ahead. Join the National Direct Selling Registry!

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With Your ExpertLaurie Girardi

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With Your Expertsschool

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With Laurie & Lynnllynn-laurie

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With Laurie Girardilaurie-girardi

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Marketing ME! Your Roadmap for Personal Branding and Marketing

With Laurie Girardilaurie-girardi

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Facebook and Pinterest for Direct Sellers

With Laurie Girardilaurie-girardi

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Your Freebies

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Social Media Savvy: Ten Fundamentals You Need to Know

Written by Laurie Girardilaurie-girardi


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Written by Laurie Girardilaurie-girardi

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Available Courses & Waitlists

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Post Your Way to Success on Facebook!

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Sue Rusch, Leadership for Direct Sellers


From Our Trusted Affiliate Partner, Lynn Bardowski

Facebook Party Course -
 Facebook Party Pro

Available Webinars & Replays

Available Freebies


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30 Facebook Post Ideas


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