Episode #1: It’s Up to Me

Join Laurie Girardi for the first episode of, “It’s Up to ME!” This FACEBOOK LIVE show is designed for direct sellers, network marketers, social sellers, party planners worldwide who want timely, success-focused training and learning opportunities. Our topics will range from the basics of getting started, to selling, recruiting and managing your time. We’ll also delve into some of the hottest topics of the day including how to use social media in smart, savvy ways. Laurie will bring her depth of social media and technology expertise to the show in ways that help all direct sellers understand some of the newest tools and techniques available to you.

Episode #1: It’s Up to ME! on FACEBOOK LIVE

In EPISODE #1: It’s Up to ME!, Laurie lays out exactly what you need to do right now to start this year off making sure that all the work you do trying to get leads, sales and recruits is not falling through the preverbal cracks online. You replicated website is not designed to get you leads or make it easy for someone who already does business to find you. Laurie shares the most important things you can do to ensure that your online presence is working for you, not against you!

Links mentioned in the show:

  • Checklist to make sure your profiles are all “up to par” and ready for the new year click HERE.
  • Free Webinar: 5 Biggest Mistakes Direct Sellers Make on Facebook click HERE
  • Join us as an Early Adopter: (USE CODE: JAN2017 through 1.31.17 for a 20% discount)
  • Connect with me on Facebook here or personally at facebook.com/laurie.girardi

I hope you enjoyed this first episode of “It’s Up to ME!” If you’re looking to stay on top of what it takes to be smart about personal branding, marketing and social media as a direct seller, be sure to check out the courses here.

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