Episode #2: It’s Up to ME!

Join Laurie Girardi for the second episode of, “It’s Up to ME!” This FACEBOOK LIVE show is designed for direct sellers, network marketers, social sellers, party planners worldwide who want timely, success-focused training and learning opportunities. Our topics will range from the basics of getting started, to selling, recruiting and managing your time. We’ll also delve into some of the hottest topics of the day including how to use social media in smart, savvy ways. Laurie will bring her depth of social media and technology expertise to the show in ways that help all direct sellers understand some of the newest tools and techniques available to you.

Topic: Planning for Success!

In EPISODE #2: It’s Up to ME!, we’re talking about goal setting and planning for success in your direct selling business. We’ll be talking about the most important thing you can do to start off your year strong —- GOAL SETTING and planning your time with purpose! This is the first of 3 shows about goal setting and planning for success. We’ll start by harnessing what you’re most passionate about. By the third show, you’ll find it easy to figure out what you can do to make sure that every single week you’re on track for success! I look forward to seeing you there!

It’s not your traditional SMART goal setting or boring time management … it’s a different way of looking at what you do so that you get the best, most exciting results this year that align with what you’re most passionate about!

Whenever you’re planning for success or goal-setting, it’s smart to write down your ideas and track your progress. For this series of Facebook Live episodes, I’m providing you with a workbook to help you follow along. Please use this for your own use, and if you want to share it with someone, have them download it here.

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