How to Add Captions to Facebook Videos

Have you noticed recently that many videos on Facebook have captions added to them?

Captions added to videos in Facebook can help you capture the attention of people browsing their Facebook newsfeed. There are two different ways to add captions to your Facebook videos. Either you can upload an SRT file OR you can choose to add automated cations to an uploaded Facebook Video.

How to Add Captions to Your Uploaded Videos in Facebook

This short tutorial is designed to help you see how to add the auto-generated captions to the videos you upload to your Facebook business page. It’s a simple process. The hardest part is the time it takes to go through each line of text one by one. But, for a shorter video that’s under a couple of minutes, this whole process should take just about 10 minutes.

Key details to note:

1. Facebook only auto-generates approximately 5-6 minutes of captions.

When you choose to have Facebook generate your captions, it generates approximately 5-6 minutes of them; however, you can add more manually if your video is longer.

2. Your captions show on mobile or desktop view when the video has not yet been opened for viewing.

As people are scrolling through their newsfeed, they’ll see your captions on your video while the video is muted and just auto-playing. Once they hit “play” the captions disappear. And then, when they minimize the video again, the captions return.

3. If you notice any errors you can go back and edit your captions again.

As always seems to happen when you post or publish something, you’re going to find an error or two after you think you’re done. Don’t worry! You can go back in and edit your captions at any time. However, one nuance I have noticed is that after you publish your video, there is a little delay before you can go in an edit again. Often an error message shows saying that your video “is not available” when it is just processing. Just take a quick coffee break and come back to it for the edit.

4. SHARE your videos!

Videos reach farther than any other type of content on Facebook. Once you’ve posted your video on your business page, share that post with your  friends. (Of course, I suggest doing this sporadically if you make a lot of videos…) Instead of over-sharing or sharing both one right after the other, take a day or two in between your original post and sharing to your personal profile. Use #iamdirectselling, too!

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