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Laurie Girardi

Founder of eSuite

Laurie eats, sleeps and dreams about providing smart solutions and cutting-edge resources for direct sellers across the globe. The key, in Laurie’s opinion, is the melding of classic core business principles and consumer-focused strategies with modern methods, tools and technology.

More than a decade ago, Laurie built a successful direct selling business and was the top ranking, earning and achieving leader in her company. After navigating the company’s closure, at the height of her success, she partnered with Sue Rusch and served as an embedded sales leader, strategic advisor and business consultant through Sue Rusch & Associates, LLC. Today, Laurie is a highly regarded international speaker and direct selling industry expert who has helped thousands of direct sellers learn how to sell, book, recruit and develop leaders. Laurie believes strongly that neither the phone nor the party are dead!

Laurie owns The Girardi Group, Inc., a consulting firm serving direct selling companies and, a family of entities created to provide direct sellers with the tools and learning opportunities necessary in today’s marketplace. Laurie’s background also includes a Masters Degree in Economics & Entrepreneurship for Educators from the University of Delaware. In May of 2017, Laurie’s company launched the National Direct Selling Registry, the only global business registry, directory and blogging platform for direct sellers. Join our Facebook Community where this fall we’re focusing on Building a BRILLIANT Online Presence!

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, Laurie will turn back to Facebook Live with a new series called “Growing Brand ME!” We know people do business with people they Know, Like and Trust, but most direct sellers don’t know how to cultivate powerful relationships. We’ll be exploring how you take what you do offline, in-person and meld it with a robust online presence. Our goal together is to generate more leads, more sales, more bookings, more recruiting results and ultimately help you create a bigger business.

Take a look at episode 1 below! (You’ll need to unmute it, too.)

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Lynn Bardowski

Founder of Million Dollar Party Girl

Lynn Bardowski, awarded Top 100 Small Business Influencer & Top 101 Women in eCommerce, is the Founder of Million Dollar Party Girl where she helps Direct Sellers make more money doing what they love.  As a working mom, Lynn followed her inner Visionista and had the courage, vision, and belief to leave the safety-net of a successful career and pursue her dream of “empowering women to discover their glow.”

She overcame fear and failure to become a top Leader and income earner for over two decades, mentoring thousands of women to succeed.

Bardowski, author of the #1 best-selling “Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl” book series, is a sought after speaker and consultant, featured on CBS, FOX, Forbes, Huffington Post and more. Her keynote audiences include Jamberry Nails, Essential Bodywear, PA Conference for Women, PartyLite and Tupperware.

Take a look at Lynn’s Social Girl Live Show. In the episode below, Laurie & Lynn talk tips for direct sellers who want to LiveStream! You can join our Livestream 101 Group, too!

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Sue Rusch

Executive Partner

Sue Rusch is known for building a nationally-recognized $19 million field direct sales organization, and for inspiring thousands to think differently about themselves and their businesses.

Her sharp insights are drawn from a depth of experience on both the field and corporate sides of the direct selling industry. From an award-winning field leader with The Pampered Chef to Vice President and General Manager of Big Yellow Box by Crayola (a Hallmark Company), Sue developed a passion for entrepreneurial success. Today, she serves as a speaker, consultant, and strategic advisor to top sales executives and sales leaders.

Sue and Laurie partner together on a variety of topics blending their styles in what they like to call, “classic yet contemporary.” Sue makes her home in Dallas, TX with her husband, and they have three grown children.

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